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Alumni Spotlight: Derrell Griggs
California Coast University gave me the opportunity to plan my study time around the rest of my day. I was able to study and work when I was at my peak energy, whether that was early morning or late at night.
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Official Recognition 2015!
2015 proved to be an exciting year for California Coast University. California Coast University is proud of our continued recognition and committed to maintaining high educational standards as we move forward. Keep up the good work everybody!
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Letter from the President
Since our founding in 1973, California Coast University has been a pioneer in adult learning with a mission to meet the academic needs of adults seeking to complete their education without returning to a traditional classroom or night school. Long before anyone had ever heard of a PDF file, email, or…
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CCU Rental Library Book Rental Fee Increase
Due to the rising cost of textbooks, California Coast University’s rental library finds it necessary to increase the cost of textbook rental from $25.00 to $30.00 effective January 1, 2016.
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CCU Ranked among the Top 100 National CLEP Test Centers (2014-2015)
Congratulations to our CLEP test center for being one of the top CLEP test center’s in the country!!!
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Transfer Thursday at California Coast University is back!
We had such a great turnout back in February, we thought we would repeat our Transfer Thursday event! With transfer credit, your educational goals are that much closer! Are you interested in completing your degree or simply looking for a more rewarding educational experience? Join us for Transfer Thursday…
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