System Requirements

The courses at California Coast University are designed to be completed online. Throughout your program, you will be reviewing your academic plan, receiving your course work, submitting your examinations and writing assignments, checking your grades, receiving faculty evaluations, making payments, and communicating with the various departments via the student portal - Coast Connection. The student portal must also remain compliant with new security standards.

With this in mind, California Coast University is requiring its students to use modern browsers to maintain security and functionality. Your device must be at least running the following:

Operating System:

Windows 10 or later versions (running on PC Desktops and Laptops)
MAC OS 10.12 or later versions (running on Apple iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Macbooks, and Mac mini)
Chrome OS (running on Chromebooks and Chromebase)

Recommended browsers:

Your browser must support the following:

If you are logging in from a corporate network, check with your network administrator if the above items can be safely turned on.

If for any reason, your internet browser cannot render a PDF file properly, you will also need Acrobat Adobe Reader DC.

You will need an email address if you want to be notified electronically by the University. If you are experiencing extremely slow response times or the website becomes unavailable, you can test the speed of your internet connection by clicking on the link below:

To test the internet speed of your computer, click here.
(Note: this is a 3rd party website which California Coast University is not a part of)

You can also scan your computer for malware using a reputable and updated anti-malware software.

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