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Message from the Dean, School of Education:
On behalf of the faculty and staff of California Coast University, I wish to welcome you. You have made an excellent choice for continuing your education and choosing an educational institution that will help you meet your goals. At California Coast University, we created our programs to support the learning of busy professionals seeking to deepen and to broaden their knowledge and skills; and to help our students meet both professional and personal goals. We look forward to helping you find success on your educational journey!  Patricia Insley, Ed.D., Dean, School of Education
Dr. Patricia Insley
Dean, School of Education | Professor of Education

B.A. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
M.A. California State University, Long Beach
Ed.D. University of Southern California

Dr. Insley brings a variety of professional experiences in her education career that has spanned over 40 years to California Coast University. After graduating with her B.A. in Spanish and German, she began her career as a Spanish and English Second Language Teacher in Southern California. She later went on to complete two master’s degrees and a doctorate degree, all with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Administration.

In addition to her classroom teaching, Dr. Insley has also served as an administrator in the public-school setting. Her administrative experience includes having served as a school Principal and as a District Coordinator of federal and state projects, services for second language learners, and curriculum and instruction. In addition to her teaching and administrative credentials, she holds the Bilingual Cross-Cultural Specialist credential. She has also taught postgraduate classes for teachers working on the Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development credential. She is also currently serving as a facilitator at the Institute for Leadership Development for students working on preliminary and clear California administrative credentials.

As a school Principal, she successfully led staff through a program improvement process resulting in significant improvement in student achievement. Her school was recognized for these achievements with the Title 1 Academic Achievement Award (2007) and the Business for Educational Excellence Award (2006).

As a Site Administrator, she was especially interested in creating a positive school environment and in fostering student success and the professional development of all staff. Dr. Insley maintains a special interest in working with programs that support culturally diverse populations, especially the English Language Learners. She was active in her local administrators’ organization, serving in several officer roles, including President.

Areas of Specialization

  • Educational Leadership
  • Student Achievement
  • Staff Development
  • Research Methods
  • Mentor Teacher/Administrator Preparation


Deans and Professors

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headshot picture of Dr. Murl D. Tucker Dr. Murl D. Tucker
Chief Academic Officer | Vice President, Student Affairs | Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Murl D. Tucker’s professional career spans a wide range of areas in the fields of education, mental health, and business.
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headshot picture of Dr. Peng Chan Dr. Peng Chan
Dean, School of Administration and Management | Professor of Administration and Management
Dr. Chan holds a Law degree with top honors, an M.B.A. in Corporate Strategy & Finance, and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management.
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headshot picture of Dr. Cynthia Teeple Dr. Cynthia Teeple
Dean, School of Behavioral Science - Professor of Behavioral Science
Dr. Teeple brings a variety of professional experiences to her position as Dean of the School of Behavioral Science.
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headshot picture of Dr. Patricia Insley Dr. Patricia Insley
Dean, School of Education | Professor of Education
Dr. Insley brings a variety of professional experiences in her education career that has spanned over 40 years to California Coast University.
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headshot picture of Dr. Mohamad Khatibloo Dr. Mohamad Khatibloo
Dean, School of Criminal Justice
Dr. Khatibloo has a highly diverse background in both academics and the private sector.
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headshot picture of Dr. Rachel Stein Dr. Rachel Stein
Assistant Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Stein has worked in various non-profit and clinical settings for the past 15 years.
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headshot picture of Dr. Cindy Brownell Dr. Cindy Brownell
Professor of Education
Dr. Brownell has considerable experience in both elementary and post-secondary education.
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headshot picture of Angela Cenina Angela Cenina
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs | Professor of General Education
Professor Cenina has an extensive background in Fine Arts and Humanities.
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headshot picture of Dr. Daniel Elias Dr. Daniel Elias
Professor of General Education
Dr. Elias has a strong background in the areas of teaching and research. He has taught courses in environmental science, biology, and agriculture.
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headshot picture of Dr. S. Jeanette Guignard Dr. S. Jeanette Guignard
Professor of Administration and Management | Professor of Education
Dr. Guignard has over 15 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Management.
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headshot picture of Brigid Miraglia Brigid Miraglia
Professor of Behavioral Sciences | Coordinator of Academic Affairs
Ms. Miraglia is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and has attended workshops that promote increased understanding and knowledge of the mental health field.
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headshot picture of Dr. Shawn Moustafa Dr. Shawn Moustafa
Professor of Administration and Management | Professor of Education | Professor of General Education
Dr. Moustafa brings experience, skills, and education in business development, marketing, and project management.
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headshot picture of Douglas Petrikat Douglas Petrikat
Professor of Administration and Management | Director of Academic Affairs
Mr. Petrikat was born and raised in New York where he earned a B.A. in Communications and German Literature at Hunter College of the City University of New York.
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headshot picture of Elizabeth Ramsey Elizabeth Ramsey
Professor of General Education
Professor Ramsey has a strong background in English, the Humanities, and the Arts. As a professional writer, she has covered such diverse areas as fashion, the music world, and international culture.
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headshot picture of Carl Rushmeyer Carl Rushmeyer
Professor of Criminal Justice
Professor Rushmeyer has a broad and varied professional background in the criminal justice field.
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headshot picture of Patricia Stubban Patricia Stubban
Professor of Administration and Management
Professor Stubban has over 20 years of experience in executive level positions in Operations and General Management.
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headshot picture of Dr. Mario Tovar Dr. Mario Tovar
Professor of Behavioral Sciences | Professor of General Education
Dr. Tovar has a broad background in both academics and mental health.
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headshot picture of Marlene Woodworth Marlene Woodworth
Professor of Administration and Management
Ms. Woodworth is a Board, CEO, and Business Coach who engages people to improve the performance of their boards and companies.
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