PSY 501
Developmental Psychology
Online Course

PSY 501 Developmental Psychology

3 Semester Units

Developmental Psychology utilizes current research and examples from around the world to help you understand how culture impacts human development over the lifespan and why it matters. This course portrays the different cultural pathways of development that people have devised in response to their local conditions. You will be challenged to think culturally about your own development and see how it applies to your own life and future careers. In a culturally diverse and globalized world, you will benefit from being able to think culturally about human development.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze major causes and preventive methods of infant mortality.
  • Examine the typical changes in physical growth that take place in toddlerhood and the harmful effects of nutritional deficiencies on growth.
  • Analyze the physical growth and change that takes place during early childhood.
  • Evaluate the major health problems of middle adulthood.
  • Examine how causes of death have changed throughout history.

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