HCA 505
Multicultural Health Care
Online Course

HCA 505 Multicultural Health Care

3 Semester Units

Multicultural Health Care explores multicultural models of health, illness, and treatments or therapies to deepen the student’s understanding of the scientific, sociocultural, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual foundations of various unconventional healing systems and their approaches to prevention, health promotion, healing, and maintenance of well-being. These multicultural or alternative approaches to health care and to modern conventional medicine are seen as complementary to the biomedical model as they blend body/mind/spirit, science, tradition, and cross-cultural avenues of diagnosis.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Examine how historical factors, behaviors, and belief systems within a particular culture influence a person’s views of health, illness, treatment, and health care.
  • Analyze the major concepts and principles governing the multicultural healing approaches or alternative healing systems presented throughout this course.
  • Define and explain common terms related to the various alternative-healing systems discussed.
  • Compare and contrast some of the emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical, geographical, and behavioral factors influencing health, the manifestation of illnesses, and the therapeutic techniques used in the various cultural healing systems presented.
  • Assess various approaches practitioners use to diagnose and treat illnesses within their particular medical system.

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