EDU 548
Global Perspectives in Curriculum
Online Course

EDU 548 Global Perspectives in Curriculum

3 Semester Units

Global Perspectives in Curriculum emphasizes diversity within and across ethnic groups to help educators understand the interactions between students’ cultural and individual differences. This course will include discussions about diversity theory, history, and social science in order to provide a more inclusive and comprehensive look at what multicultural education is—and could be—in the United States.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Assess when, why, and how multicultural education originated.
  • Appraise the major dimensions of a comprehensive approach to multicultural education: equity pedagogy (focus on students), curriculum reform (focus on content), multicultural competence (focus on teachers), and social justice (focus on society).
  • Consider the case for multicultural education in terms of national goals for academic excellence, the needs of a culturally diverse society, survival in an interconnected world, and our nation’s democratic values.
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in conceptions of culture, race, ethnic group, and minority group.
  • Judge the importance of both individual differences and cultural differences in the teaching and learning process.
  • Evaluate our need to address the nation’s “Achievement Gap” that is due to inequitable educational opportunities rooted in the legacy of racism and unfair socioeconomic conditions.

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