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We value what our graduates have to say, and we use this feedback to help shape and refine our educational programming. Over the last few months, graduates have provided a wealth of comments that fall into a variety of categories including:

  • The value graduates place on our flexible, self-paced study.
  • How completing their degrees helped them achieve a personal or professional goal.
  • How completing the degrees helped them with a job search or advancement.
  • The overall value they found in completing their degrees.

For this article, we selected a sampling of comments that reflected these varying categories.

Graduates report the value in flexible, self-paced study programs that CCU offers. Comments such as, “CCU is the best program for people with fluctuating work schedules!” and “I think the program is great for an individual who has a career and very little time for school.” Another graduate reported the value in earning, “…my bachelor's degree at my own pace. I now have the tools and the education needed for advancing to the next steps of my career. I needed a program that was flexible to my full-time schedule and Cal Coast University checked all the boxes for me. I was able to earn my degree on my own timeline.”

Other graduates commented on how completing their degree demonstrated the achievement of a personal or a professional goal. One graduate commented, “It was a personal goal to achieve for myself and family. Professionally it allows me more options for avenues towards growth and advancement.” Along those lines, another graduate said, “Obtaining my BS Degree is my greatest accomplishment. The coursework was challenging and rewarding at the same time.” Finally, a third graduate told us, “Obtaining my degree has been a goal for me for a long time and the university made it possible to achieve my goal.”

Another area graduates told us they valued in completing their degrees at CCU were around how the degree helped them with their job search and advancement. One graduate noted, “Professionally the school has a great reputation in the law-enforcement community.” Another graduate told us, “I believe having this degree makes a person stand out when it comes down to job selection. I highly value my degree and am proud of the accomplishment.” A third told us, “This degree is essential to my professional career. I have been seeking to advance into a position of higher responsibility for a while and this degree has provided an opportunity for this endeavor. I’m proud of myself for completing this program and it was so worth it!”

Other graduates related the overall value they found in completing their degrees. One graduate said, CCU was “A great investment.” Other graduate comments included, “This has been one of my better experiences with my education,” and “I believe the degrees teach the core components of what needs to be learned.” Finally, one of our graduates told us, “CCU is an excellent choice for adult learners!”

We like to hear from our students and graduates. Their feedback is important as it helps us to improve the quality and delivery of our educational programs. If you are a current student or recent graduate, please remember to complete your surveys. Your opinions matter to us and make a difference! 

This article was written for you by a member of the California Coast University staff. Do you have a question, comment or an idea for an article? Email: [email protected]

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