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By CCU Staff

Are you worried about what to expect from an online college bachelor's degree? You're not alone.

Many people are nervous about the idea of taking classes online, but many benefits make it worth trying.

For example, online colleges offer flexible schedules and allow students to work at their own pace. They also provide access to professors who can help with any questions or concerns that come up along the way.

Of course, everyone wants you to succeed in your education, so here is a guide for getting started on your journey toward earning your degree.

What Is the Process for Attending Online Degree Classes?

Before you can begin pursuing your online degree classes, there are crucial steps you need to consider.

First, ensure you find the relevant online degree and narrow it down to colleges that offer the specific degree you have chosen.

Finding Online College Degrees

Many schools offer online bachelor's degrees, but it's essential to do some research before applying.

There are many benefits to completing your degree program online, but there are also some things you will need to consider before enrolling.

Ensure the school you choose offers all the classes you're interested in taking and that the program gets accredited. CCU is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

Talk with other people who have experience with online colleges before you commit to anything, as this will help you make a more informed decision about your education.

Finding Your Online Degree on the Web

You can find many online schools by searching on the internet. In addition, many websites talk about schools worldwide, from those who offer online college degrees to those with a brick-and-mortar campus.

Some of these sites allow you to search based on what's important to you instead of looking at all available options. So, for example, if you know that you specifically want to attend an online college, try searching for that. 

Make sure you research as many as possible, so that the choice is evident when you're ready to choose a school.

Once you find a college, apply. Every school will have a different process for this. Most colleges need you to fill out an application and some may require you to write about why you want to go to college. 

For example, if you want to get an online college business degree and possibly work in the business world, research what kind of job you want and how your education will help make that happen after graduation.

Some schools will want you to take an entrance exam, but not all schools. You also need to meet the requirements for that school. CCU does not require an entrance examination. However, the Doctoral programs do require a writing sample during the application process.

The best way is to talk with the school; and find out what they require for the application process.

If the school approves your application, they will send you a letter of acceptance.

Starting Courses Online

After you get accepted to a program, you can now start taking online classes. California Coast University’s courses are self-paced and self-study, which allows more freedom if you’re working.

The great thing about this is that it will work for your schedule even if you do not attend classes every day or night like at a traditional college.

Talk with an academic advisor about how many courses to take, so there will be no problems when graduation comes around. Students can work on up to four courses at a time with CCU. (As of 7/3/2023, the maximum amount of courses a student can work on at one time is two courses)

How to Succeed in Getting an Online College Bachelor's Degree

Now that you know what to expect from an online college bachelor's degree, it's time to put your best foot forward.

Be proactive in every aspect of your education while also taking care of yourself and not letting stress get the best of you.

Though there are several challenges along this path, graduating with a new and helpful skill set is well worth all the hard work.

Have the Right Materials Before You Start

For an online course or a physical college, you should have suitable materials before the day starts.

It would be best to have your computer, textbooks, pens, and pencils.

Save your work often for due projects and keep track of where you are in your coursework, so you will not lose it all if there is a crash or power outage.

Keep Studying Even When It Gets Tough

Even though things get tricky when you have a family, a job, and other responsibilities, it doesn't mean you should give up on school. Other students are doing this too. Don't give up. 

If your grades are too low to continue in college, talk to your Student Success Advisor about continuing help, such as retaking an examination, so that you can keep going with the online bachelor's degree program.

Understand the Course Options Before Signing Up

When you are ready to choose the online college degree right for you, research all your options before signing up.

If you know people who already attend a specific school, ask them about their experiences so you can get firsthand knowledge.

This step will help you choose the right program without making any costly mistakes down the road.

Understand Your Strength and Weaknesses

Taking on more than you can handle will lead to failure. Remember that you are studying for your bachelor's degree, not the most straightforward bachelor's degree.

If you struggle with a particular class or topic, study more before the test and try to grasp new material before it's time for the next test.

Know When Break Time Is Over and Avoid Procrastination

Don't let yourself get burnt out once you've begun working toward your online college bachelor's degree.

You chose this route because school isn't supposed to interfere with having quality family time.

But, if your grades start dropping, it may be time to take some time off. So, take responsibility for knowing when enough is enough, which means taking some breaks from school if necessary.

Well, until you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle your studies once more.

You may have heard horror stories about many students who failed in their quest for an online college bachelor's degree, but you don't have to be one of them.

Even though there are no deadlines on online examinations, you should handle them when you are able to.

Procrastinating and making excuses will eventually affect how effective you can be.

If you're not sure if your work is good enough, ask someone else to take a look at it so they can point out any flaws or proofread your essays for you.

Set Attainable Goals for Yourself

Whether you wish to be a manager, accountant, or counselor, set smaller goals for each course to help you achieve your ultimate goal. Starting small is vital, as it helps build confidence and motivation.

If you struggle with doing too much at once, don't give up on having high enough grades for continued schooling.

Be Sure to Follow Any School's Social Media Outlets

A lot of colleges use social media to communicate with their students for important announcements or system updates. For example, they might post pictures or articles on Facebook and Twitter. 

Have a Clean Study Environment

When you get ready to study for an exam, immediately tidy up any messes that might make it challenging to sit down and concentrate.

Being surrounded by distracting things, such as extra papers or old mugs of tea, can keep you from achieving your desired results. 

If necessary, play some soft music in the background of whatever room you choose to complete your studies in.

Interferences With Your Online Degree

After enrolling in your online degree, you may experience challenges as you begin your study.

Therefore, you need to be aware of things that may interfere with your online college bachelor's degree.

Not Being Able to Access the CCU Student Portal

If you have trouble getting to the Student Portal because of slow connections or other technical issues, it might be best to wait and try again later. If you are still experiencing issues, feel free to contact your Student Success Advisor and they will be able to assist you.

Not Being Able To Fit School Into Your Schedule

If one day out of the week doesn't work for completing readings and assignments, you might have to be creative to make it happen.

For example, it can help if you wake up earlier or stay up later when your productivity is higher.

Remembering Your Online College Login Information

You will almost always receive emails with new logins and passwords, so keep them saved in a secure place along with your student ID number.

If you ever forget this vital information, be sure to speak with the Student Services Department of your online college bachelor degree program to request a reset.

Using the Internet Well

Do not believe everything you read on the internet. Websites are not always right. Sometimes people post false information because they want to.

So, if you are ever unsure about something, find another source to check it with so you know whether the data is accurate or not.

Having Too Many Distractions

Often, when you close the browser, there are icons on your computer that are tempting to press.

Instead, create separate accounts with admin rights for each person in your home so that when you start school online, you will not get distracted. 

If your computer crashes often, try clearing it and restarting it before getting back to school.

Having an Internet Addiction

If you're worried that taking on an online college bachelor's degree might end up interrupting too much of your daily life, then try keeping track of the amount of time you spend on computers, tablets, and cellphones for one week. 

Seeing this information laid out in front of you can help put things into perspective.

Finding Enough Motivation During Times of Adversity

There will be moments when it feels as if nothing is going right, so making goals for yourself might be a good idea.

Try thinking about the worst-case scenario here because sometimes they are far less scary than anticipated. 

Learning how to avoid blaming yourself or others can also prevent negative emotions from harming your studies.

Having Difficulties Because of Changing Life Circumstances

If you're going through a significant transition, it would be best to avoid signing up for an official college education until you settle everything.

This transition could mean anything from moving into a new house or even starting a new job that takes up all your extra time. 

It's crucial you don't get too overwhelmed because there's always time to pursue an online college bachelor's degree later.

Emphasizing Negativity in Classes

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of homework assigned, then try thinking about all the things you're learning in those specific classes because they are most likely as necessary, if not more so.

Even though certain teachers might have their teaching styles, you will learn how every single one of them tries to make their lessons beneficial for everybody involved.

Don't be afraid to ask them questions with complete honesty via email or during office hours.

Having a Hard Time Finding a Job

Many people find that getting a college education is a good way to ensure your skills stay marketable for as long as possible.

You can go out and find a company that would value what you have to say or continue pursuing higher attainments through more certificates, specializations, and even graduate degree programs. 

Most of the time, these opportunities will get posted online, so it would be helpful to spend time every day browsing available postings.

The Issue Of Cheating In Online Schooling

Cheating is a common issue of all schools, whether traditional or online. Even though most states have not yet come up with rules on cheating in online schooling, a few have put regulations in place for this purpose.

Some of the standard methods for students involved in cheating include plagiarism and sharing answers by text message, email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Online schools are stricter than traditional schools in many aspects. For example, they use different methods to identify plagiarism and test scores that do not match previous years or even between students.

To complete your online school successfully, you should avoid being caught up in examination or essay irregularities as the administration will not handle them lightly.

Graduating From an Online College Bachelor Degree

When you finally graduate, be sure to ask your advisor if it will be possible for them to submit a transcript on your behalf so that the graduation date doesn't interfere with work or other significant events in your life.

When you finish school, they might want a signature. You can send it with your transcripts when you get done.

And it would help if you gave yourself gifts, like new clothes or books related to what you study in school as a way of congratulating yourself for completing your degree!

Doing these things is the best way to appreciate something challenging that you did.

Go Ahead With Your Online College Bachelor's Degree

The decision to pursue an online college bachelor's degree is big, but it doesn't have to be too difficult. As the world becomes more connected, many people choose to go back and finish their college degrees. 

But with all the information out there on how to complete your online college bachelor's degree, it can be hard to know the starting point. 

So whether you want a general overview of an online program or need some tips on completing an online bachelor’s degree in less than five years, we have all the information you could ever need. 

Check out our website for some helpful advice on finishing that college degree.


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