Surprising Ways Kids Benefit When Parents Go Back to School

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One of the biggest concerns people have when considering returning to study as an adult is the impact it will have on family life. Many resist going back to school, even though they want to, because they're worried that their studies will eat into time that should be devoted to children and family responsibilities.

While online education has made it possible to get a degree or qualification from the comfort of home, study still requires a serious commitment of time and energy. When parent takes on further education, the whole household has to adapt to accommodate the need for a quiet space and uninterrupted study time. These are in short supply for busy parents, and for many, further study just doesn't seem like an option.

While returning to study as an adult definitely has its challenges, it's not impossible. Rather than having a negative impact on your family life, it can be healthy for your children to see you pursuing further education and bettering yourself. Here are five ways going back to school can help, rather than hinder, your kids.

They Will See You as a Person in Your Own Right

It's beneficial for children to recognize their parents as individuals with dreams and aspirations of their own. Understanding that you don't exist merely to look after them will make them less egocentric. Making changes to the family routine to meet your needs will help them recognize that compromise is a part of life, and it's not always about them.

They Will Become More Responsible

Many kids grow up today with little responsibility around the house. Parents like to think they're giving their children a happy, carefree childhood by not overburdening them with chores, but the truth is, they're making things harder for them in the long run. Those who reach young adulthood without knowing how to do a load of laundry or make dinner for the family will struggle when it's time to get a job. When a parent becomes a student, everyone in the house needs to step in and pick up the slack. Obviously this depends on the child's age, but giving your kids chores is not something you should ever feel guilty about. By taking on some of the responsibilities, they are learning valuable life skills while helping share the load.

You Can be a Role Model for Them

It's one thing to lecture your kids about the importance of education and doing homework, but another for them to see you practicing what you preach. By establishing a good study routine and sticking with it, you're showing your kids how much you value learning and giving them something to emulate. You're also helping them become lifelong learners because you're proof that education doesn't just end when you finish school. Through you, they can see what perseverance and commitment look like in action, and there's no better way to inspire them to implement these qualities in their own lives.

It Can Bring You Closer Together

This might seem contradictory, considering that study will take you away from time with your family, but for those with older school-age children, the shared experience of doing assignments and studying for exams can be bonding. When you've been out of the classroom for a long time, it can be hard to remember just what it was like to worry about grades, but by returning to study, you will have a much better understanding of the pressures your children are under.

You'll be a Better Parent

If you're pursuing your dreams and following your passion, the joy will flow into every other area of your life. It may seem noble to sacrifice your own aspirations for the sake of your family, but ultimately you're doing everyone a disservice. People who put themselves last end up holding onto resentment. Everyone knows somebody who didn't follow their dreams and is consumed by bitterness and regret. By doing what you love, you'll become a more loving and patient parent, and someone your children respect and admire.

If you truly want to go back to school, there are many factors to take into consideration. First, it's important to realistically assess the time you will need for school, and how this can be managed along with your other responsibilities. Second, with some family support, you need to think about how you can manage your coursework and study time with a few tweaks to your existing routine. Finally, you need to assure yourself that reaching for your dream by doing something for yourself will ultimately benefit your whole family.

If the time is right to go back to school, we wish you success on your educational journey!

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