Paving the Way for a Bright Future: 6 Benefits of an Online Criminal Justice Degree

Picture of Paving the Way for a Bright Future: 6 Benefits of an Online Criminal Justice Degree
Paving the Way for a Bright Future: 6 Benefits of an Online Criminal Justice Degree

Are you interested in an online criminal justice degree? You are not alone! You could join the estimated 3.5 million workers in the criminal justice field. 

A degree in criminal justice offers many exciting opportunities. And for many students, an online criminal justice degree is the best way to study.

More students are choosing to study this way. Over 2 million students are studying solely online! And that number is expected to continue to grow.

So what are the benefits of a criminal justice degree online? And how can you find the best criminal justice degree programs? Read on for six benefits and tips for finding the right school for you!

1. Career Opportunities

It can be hard to know exactly what career you want. But a degree in criminal justice can open up different career options nationwide. Common career paths include:

  • Probation officer
  • Crime analyst
  • Police officer
  • Private investigator 
  • Homeland security

But the opportunities are endless, so choose your specialty! A criminal justice degree teaches critical thinking, active listening, and decision-making. And the fact you manage your time and have self-motivation will appeal to any employer!

Also, the remote job market is growing. If you have experience studying online, you can tap into this part of the criminal justice job market. 

2. Flexibility

Employers love work experience. An online criminal justice degree is often self-paced, so you can also try to get experience in the field.

Or you may have to work like many other students. So, an online degree gives you the accessibility you need. And it is a valuable skill and achievement to juggle both working and studying. 

You also complete your courses remotely, which opens up more university choices and freedom! If you need to pause at some point, it is much easier to do so with an online degree. So take that internship or summer job! 

3. Help Others

A degree in criminal justice can give you the opportuny to help others! You can improve your community and the world by upholding and enhancing justice. 

Solve high-profile cases, seek justice, enforce the law, and most importantly, protect people!

4. Graduate School Opportunities

A criminal justice degree online paves the way for graduate school options, such as a master's in criminal justice to specialize further. Some students also pursue law school, psychology, and other competitive graduate fields.    

Graduate school requires more self-discipline and independent learning. You will have done this with your online criminal justice degree, which should give you a competitive edge.

5. Criminal Justice Job Benefits

Careers in criminal justice offer various job benefits, so you have more security. If you work for a government agency, it is common to have retirement packagres and life insurance. Some agencies have good vacation policies and additional insurance options too! We suggest checking with your employer or Human Resources Department to see if there are any additional benefits to obtaining your degree, such as tuition reimbursement or educational incentives. Also, if you choose CCU, confirm if a degree from California Coast University will be accepted, before moving forward with the application process. 

6. Workplace Preparation 

You also have a competitive edge with an online degree in criminal justice. You can give evidence that you can manage your workload, time and communicate well to get tasks done.

Plus, some criminal justice jobs require shift work. If you have worked around another job or other activities, you will adjust to this type of work quicker. 

Find the Best Criminal Justice Programs 

So, you have decided to study for a degree in criminal justice online. Great news! But there are a lot of choices out there.

How can you find the best online criminal justice degree? Consider these tips:

Explore the Program

First, when you search online for degrees, have a look at the program. How much flexibility does it actually offer? Can you start and study at any time? 

There are different types of online degrees. Some require set hours or in-person study time. Make sure you confirm its flexibility meets your requirements. CCU's courses are self-paced and self-study, which allows you the freedom and flexibility to work on courses in your own time. 

Also, check what courses the program has and if any jump out to you. You may be interested in an area like domestic violence or forensic science. See if the course covers it!

Reach Out To the Department

Ask about the online criminal justice department. You want professors with experience, and exciting backgrounds, who can guide you. Find out how the department is structured and who covers different courses. 

You want to make sure there is a sound support system to get you through any difficulties. Also, ask about how you can contact the department as an online student. 

Ask About Payment Plans

Does the school have a payment plan for tuition? The best criminal justice degree programs online should recognize the need for accessibility. Check if they have a payment plan which is affordable for you. 

If you are an international student, check if the course is available and the price. There are affordable colleges out there for online degree programs!

Research Their Reputation

Also, read student testimonials and reviews! It can help to get a pciture of what other students experienced while attending the online criminal justice program. 

The Best Online Criminal Justice Degree!

Studying online offers many benefits, no matter what your motivation or reason to do so is. And with a degree in criminal justice, it is the perfect combination! Take your time to study and try to get some work experience. 

California Coast University is a pioneer in distance learning. Our online criminal justice degree offers the flexibility, variety, and support to enable you to succeed. Contact us today to learn more! 


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