Is a Graduate Business Degree in Your Future?

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Have you thought of pursuing a graduate degree to stay competitive in today’s complex business world, hone your management or leadership skills, or reach a long held personal goal? Our students report all these reasons for seeking a graduate business degree.

 With over 50 years of experience offering business degrees, we at California Coast University have had the privilege of supporting thousands of students over the years to reach their educational and professional goals. Through our School of Administration and Management, we have designed and offer a group of business degrees to suit a variety of students – six master’s degrees all together:

  • Organizational Leadership – For the Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership, we offer courses that help our students explore many of the facets of an organization and how to work and manage effectively within them.
  • Business Administration – The traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is probably the best-known graduate business degree. We offer courses that help students have a well-rounded business education that will help them in a variety of settings.
  • Business Marketing – The MBA in Business Marketing is designed to help students develop their skills in marketing, while having a strong foundation in business.
  • Health Care Management – The MBA in Health Care Management degree is designed to help healthcare professionals develop a solid understanding of business and the specifics related to the complex field of healthcare.
  • Human Resource Management - The MBA in Human Resource Management degree will expose students to a myriad of issues and factors confronting human resource professionals in today’s business world.
  • Management - The MBA in Management degree is designed to support business leaders who find themselves managing and leading teams and organizations of all sizes.

For each of our degrees, we offer a combination of courses that are comprised of business theory, application, and an exploration of best practices. Our faculty are seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the courses they teach and a commitment to helping our students succeed in reaching their educational goals. Our programs are designed to be completed in an efficient and flexible manner and are supported by a team of educational professionals working to continually improve and upgrade our program offerings.

If you think a graduate business degree might be in your future, we invite you to check out our website for more information on the degrees and courses we offer. We look forward to working with you.  


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