Five Resolutions to Make Now

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By CCU Staff

Everyone is familiar with the concept of making New Year's resolutions. Even those who are opposed to the idea recognize its popularity as an end of the year attempt at changing and improving practices and behaviors of the past. There's just something wholesome about saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new that makes people want to finally get it right.

While we normally think of New Year's and resolutions together, January 1st is not the only chance to take that first step towards your desired changes. Each day is a new beginning and offers a renewed opportunity for growth. Here are a few resolutions you can make today for a brighter and hopefully happier and healthier year ahead:

1. Make one change in your diet right now

We're not talking about a major change like going on an official diet, trying to lose that last ten pounds, or going vegan. All you need to do today is make one simple change that will set you on the path to better eating. Make a conscious effort to add an additional fruit or vegetable to your diet every day. Eliminate the soda and drink water. Skip dessert more often than not. There is no end to the many small ways you can improve your diet, starting right now.

2. Investigate a new hobby or interest

You don't have to commit to the new activity for life. This is all about experimenting with all the choices you have in life. Try a new sport, excite your taste buds at an exotic restaurant, or check out course offerings at a university or college. Expand your mind and your free time with a great new diversion.

3. Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier starting today

It doesn't really matter what you do with this small amount of extra time right now. What matters is that you've just added a small block of time to the 24 hours of your life. Use your imagination to fill this time slot. Maybe this is that magical time for jump starting your exercise routine, composing your list of items to accomplish that day, or reading that novel you've been setting aside forever. Maybe it's just enough time to allow you to leave for work earlier and miss the mad rush of traffic.

4. Get in Touch

Vow to send a text or email, make a phone call, or schedule a visit with a friend or family member you've been meaning to reconnect with for far too long. Stop putting off the good times with the people who matter in your life. You can't rewrite the past but you can start today to create the future relationships you crave.

5. Examine Your Career Goals

Take a long, hard look at your work environment. Are you where you want to be right now? Are you at least on the right path to the direction you want to take for the future? Ideally, your career should always be a living and growing experience. Don't let another day pass without thinking about how to shape and control your destiny. Whether you're an employee or the boss, you can help to steer the ship of your career.

The resolve to make changes should not be relegated to a single day of the year. The whole purpose of a resolution is to work towards improvement and there is no time table for that. Every day offers new opportunities if you're willing to open yourself up. Good luck!

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