4 Tips to Find Your Next Job Faster

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By CCU Staff

Originally published in our newsletter, we thought this article was worth running on the news page. Good luck with your job search!

Today’s tough economy has put many people out of work, and that means that there are more job applicants than jobs available. While many Americans rely on online job listings to find employment opportunities, the internet isn’t necessarily the best job-hunting tool at their disposal. With online applications, many potential employees apply for the same position, and one is bound to be a perfect match. In addition, half of all new jobs are filled without them ever being posted online. So, how can you get your foot in the door? United Career Fairs, an organization that runs sales and sales management career fairs, offers the following tips for finding a job fast:


If you are interested in a certain company, don’t wait for them to post a job online. Instead, be proactive! Don’t contact human resources. Find the name of someone in the department where you would like to be placed, and use that contact to discover who makes that department’s hiring decisions. Chances are, that person will know what new jobs are becoming available before the company even begins the hiring process.

Don’t have contacts? Make them!

Career fairs are ideal places to meet representatives from the companies that interest you. When you commit to attending a career fair you are saying, “I want to be different.” You understand the value of face-to-face interaction with hiring managers. In order to prepare, make sure your resume is current, and dress professionally. Get ready for interviews by coming up with a list of potential questions, and figure out how to answer them. Remember to follow up with any contacts you make – even if they don’t hire you this time, they may remember you the next time a position opens.

Stay busy.

It’s unfair, but those with large chunks of missing time on their resumes may have a harder time finding a job than those who have only been out of work a few months. Volunteer or take night classes so you have something on your resume.

Go guerrilla.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd by employing a little creativity. Cold call employers, and ask when you could set up an interview. (Just make sure to contact the person who works above your future boss.) Send small gifts with your thank-you notes. Send a coffee mug with your resume. Use Twitter to establish contacts.


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