CCU Introduces the New “B.S. in Organizational Behavior” Degree Program

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California Coast University is proud to announce the launch of a new undergraduate degree program - the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior.


Offered through our School of Administration and Management, the new program is designed to help students better understand the various factors and best practices impacting organizations, the way organizations change and grow, and how people work within them to help improve efficiency, productivity, retention, and support change.


For this program, courses are designed to focus on the areas of communications, leadership and management of people and systems, factors impacting organizational behavior and change, the psychological factors impacting employees within organizations, as well as understanding theory and research within the field. We designed this degree program to support working professionals who are interested in acquiring skills that will help them work more efficiently within their organizations and work more effectively with colleagues within those environments.


To get some additional insights into the new program, we had a chance to talk with our Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Angela Cenina, about what went into developing this program. Here is our interview regarding the B.S. Organizational Behavior degree program:


“Angela, you were very involved in developing the new program. What was the thinking that went into launching it and who do you think this program is geared toward?”


“Interesting you would ask that question. What we noticed were a lot of people, working for government agencies or nonprofits who would sign up for our business degrees. They really didn’t have the need for things like financial management, accounting, business law, small business management – more traditional business courses. They weren’t running a business – but they did have the need for courses to help them work well with others in teams, communicate more effectively, and understand and lead coworkers through uncertainty.”


“So, you’re saying people who want to be effective and make a difference within their organizations and ones who can understand and support change and growth?”


“Exactly. In the Academic Affairs department at California Coast, we regularly research degrees offered at other schools, talk with faculty, and meet with our advisory council members. We ask them what’s happening in the marketplace and what the future trends and needs are. This information began to show an important area that would support our midcareer adult learners is this area of organizational behavior.”


“So that’s where the idea came about for a bachelor’s degree in organizational behavior?”


“Well, we already have a master’s degree in organizational leadership that’s a very popular program. Students and graduates report a lot of value they get out of it, but we didn’t have a parallel program for bachelor’s students.”


“And you’re hoping the new degree will fill that void?”


“We hope so, yes! With all the changes happening today in the workplace, people need to have a better understanding of how to work together, how to do more with less, and they need the tools that will help them do it.”


“Well, it looks like an interesting mix of courses, some of them existing courses that are offered in your other business programs, right? And some of the new courses were developed just for this program?”


“Altogether, we developed five new courses to go with the courses we already offer. There’s a new course in interpersonal communication, one in diversity and inclusion in organizations, a course in organizational change, one in leadership, and a research methods course to help students understand how research is conducted and how to interpret research findings. These will go with our other courses in information management, business communications, management, organizational theory, and human resource management. In addition, we’ve added in a few psychology courses to focus on the human factor that makes up organizational behavior.”


“It sounds like a lot of thought and preparation have gone into it and a lot of work.”


“There’s a whole process required from our accreditor – Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and the State of California before we can offer a new program. We put together degree and course comparisons with other schools; all the courses have to be developed; and all the faculty have to be in place. It’s definitely a lot of work, but it’s also creative and interesting. We’re just excited it’s finally approved, and we can put the program out there.”


“Thanks for taking time today to talk with us. Good luck with the new B.S. Organizational Behavior degree program!”


If you’re interested in more information on the B.S. Organizational Behavior, please visit our website, or contact our Admissions Department.

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