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Stop! Before You Quit Anything (Including School), Do This!
Life coaches utilize the rocking chair test to help individuals gain almost instant perspective, especially when it comes to making crucial life decisions. It’s a simple premise with profound meaning for the test-taker. And it’s a test one can, and should, return to often in life.
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Distance Education Accrediting Commission's 93rd Annual Conference
CCU keeps up-to-date on quality standards and governmental regulations by regularly attending all DEAC workshops and conferences, along with completing online training.
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The #1 Best Way to Challenge Your Brain and Stay Sharp
It’s more important than ever to stay sharp. Explore the best way to exercise those lobes with daily activities to enhance your neuroplasticity.
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How to Proofread Your Own Work if You Have No Other Choice
There are a lot of reasons why it’s easier to proofread someone else’s writing and more difficult to proofread your own. To catch all those pesky typos and grammatical mistakes you’ll need to be extra careful. This guide will help you if you have no other choice.
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How to Study While Away From Home or Traveling
Technology is a beautiful thing. Today, with a laptop and online education, we can combine travel for business or pleasure with taking courses and earning a degree. In fact, having something to study can relieve the tedium of travel. These tips are also useful for busy people on-the-go.
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Is Impostor Syndrome Holding You Back?
Impostor syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. Learn about the impact and how to combat it.
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