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Mind Mapping — A Multi-Use Thinking Tool for Everyone
Mind mapping is a creative thinking tool that captures information in summary form through visual depiction.
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Create Your Own Study Space to Maximize Your Study Time
When we are learning new things, it helps if we have the optimal, motivating environment in which to study. It’s important to give some careful thought as to what works best for your own unique personality. 
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5 Important Reasons Online Education Puts You Ahead of the Pack
As individuals, we can gain a competitive career advantage by taking our cue from this same business philosophy. What’s a good way to set in motion our own ability to be both agile and scalable? The perfect leg-up is to earn a certificate or a degree online.
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Safer Internet Day in the U.S. — Are You Safe on the Internet?
Cybercrime can be a devastating ordeal for anyone. Here are some helpful tips to better protect yourself from online attacks.
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CCU Rental Library Book Rental Fee Increase 2020
Due to the rising cost of textbooks and shipping fees, we find it necessary to increase the cost of a textbook rental from $30.00 to $35.00 effective January 1, 2020.
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Letter from the President - Coastline E-Newsletter Dec. 2019
Available Now! The newest issue of California Coast University’s Coastline e-newsletter - December 2019.
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