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Letter from the President
Since our founding in 1973, California Coast University has been a pioneer in adult learning with a mission to meet the academic needs of adults seeking to complete their education without returning to a traditional classroom or night school. Long before anyone had ever heard of a PDF file, email, or…
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10 Reasons Adults Should Go Back to School
The decision to go back to school is never an easy one. Many prospective middle-aged students have the weight of what seems like an endless amount of responsibility on their shoulders, often times deterring them from ever giving the thought of higher education a chance. So we decided to bring some of…
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20 Tips for Juggling Work, College, and Family
Juggling work, school, and family can be quite the task. Between deadlines for work, due dates for school, and groceries for dinner, time for self and social activities may seem nonexistent. Check out this article and put your life on autopilot!
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CCU Rental Library Book Rental Fee Increase
Due to the rising cost of textbooks, California Coast University’s rental library finds it necessary to increase the cost of textbook rental from $25.00 to $30.00 effective January 1, 2016.
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CCU Ranked among the Top 100 National CLEP Test Centers (2014-2015)
Congratulations to our CLEP test center for being one of the top CLEP test center’s in the country!!!
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3 Reasons You Should Be Active on LinkedIn
Since its introduction in 2002, LinkedIn has become the leading social networking platform for established business professionals and active job seekers. Read ahead to see what kind of advantages an active LinkedIn can offer you in your job search.
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