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Coastline - California Coast University News

This is the online news page of California Coast University. Our intention is for our students, graduates, and the public to keep up to date on what's happening at California Coast University. We hope you will visit often and keep up to date on the University.

The 90th Annual DEAC Conference

The 90th annual conference for the DEAC* was held in Washington D.C. from April 10-12, 2016. Senior leadership from California Coast University, including President Tom Neal, Executive Vice President Shelly Marquardt, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Murl Tucker, and Director of Compliance Christi Okuma, traveled to our nation’s capital to attend the conference. 

Starting on Monday morning, the…

The Internet of Things

How do we stay connected?

Today we are connected by phones, computers, networks, systems, etc.

This seems like a lot but imagine a future when these devices and systems integrate. Envision a world where even our everyday objects can communicate with each other. This giant network where all things are connected is known as the Internet of Things.

How to Stay Focused While Working Remotely

Is your job one that lets you stay home and work from your living room? Are you an effective employee able to stay focused while working remotely?

Here are some tips to help make…

The Sleep Revolution

Can we help solve the world’s problems with extra sleep? As kids we dreaded naps and early bedtimes. As adults we wish for a 10 minute nap in a day filled with meetings, phone calls and racing to our child’s soccer game.

Is the ever elusive sleep the solution to improving our lives?

Alumni Spotlight: Derrell Griggs

Alumni Spotlight Derrell Griggs

Did you know, California Coast University offers affordable tuition payment options to help you get the education you deserve?