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Coastline - California Coast University News

This is the online news page of California Coast University. Our intention is for our students, graduates, and the public to keep up to date on what's happening at California Coast University. We hope you will visit often and keep up to date on the University.

Why Parents Should Read to Kids

One of the best ways to develop a love of reading in your children from a young age is to read to them as often as possible. Doing this simple activity can have benefits for them throughout the course of their lives while providing enjoyment for your family now. Here are some reasons you should consistently devote time to reading to your child, regardless of their age.

Learn About Your…

Surprising Ways Kids Benefit When Parents Go Back to School

One of the biggest concerns people have when considering returning to study as an adult is the impact it will have on family life. Many resist going back to school, even though they want to, because they're worried that their studies will eat into time which should be devoted to children and family responsibilities.

While online…

Out and About June 2016

We at California Coast University know it is important to get the word out about the University and to learn more about the organizations and industries of the students we serve. To do this, our faculty and staff attend a variety of conferences, workshops, trainings and visit organizations around the country throughout the year.

To read more about some of the places we have visited during…

Building Our Social Media Community

You may have noticed we have been posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with greater frequency during the past few months.  As we are committed to building a stronger and more active social media community, we encourage you to follow us on all of social accounts!



Please feel free to contact us with any ideas or…

Going Back to School as a Non-Traditional Student: Why It's Never Too Late

Many people who did not go to college immediately after high school find themselves wishing that they had, and often wish that they could go back and complete their education. However, going back to college as a non-traditional student can seem like a huge undertaking, and the prospect of sitting in classes with other students many years younger than yourself can…

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