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Gulliver’s Travels
Gulliver, California Coast University’s new mascot, has finally come home. While the seagull has long been a part of our logo, we recently took some time to bring more life to our mascot.
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Institutional Improvement: Advisory Councils
To improve the quality of the programs we offer at California Coast University, we hold Advisory Council meetings for each of the schools at the University. Read about a few of the recent Advisory Council recommendations that were discussed.
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Why Parents Should Read to Kids
One of the best ways to cultivate a love of reading in your children from a young age is to read to them as often as possible. Read about some of the reasons you should consistently devote time to reading to your child, regardless of their age.
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Surprising Ways Kids Benefit When Parents Go Back to School
One of the biggest concerns adult students have when considering returning to pursue a degree is the impact it will have on the lives of their children. Here are five ways going back to school can help, rather than hinder, your kids.
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Out and About June 2016
Our faculty and staff visit organizations and attend a variety of conferences, workshops, and trainings around the country throughout the year. Read more about some of the places we have visited during the last few months.
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Building Our Social Media Community
You may have noticed we have been posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ with greater frequency during the past few months. As we are committed to building a stronger and more active social media community, we encourage you to follow us.
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