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How to Dig Yourself Out of Holiday Debt
Read ahead for some great strategies to recover from holiday debt.
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Five Resolutions to Make Now
Everyone is familiar with the concept of making New Year's resolutions. Even those who are opposed to the idea recognize its popularity as an end of the year attempt at changing and improving practices and behaviors of the past.
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Congratulations Class of 2016!
While the vast majority of our graduates have their diplomas sent via mail, it's always a unique opportunity to award a degree in person. Throughout 2016, 29 graduates came to California Coast University for their graduation ceremonies.
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Out and About Dec 2016
Faculty and staff have been traveling throughout the past few months attending a variety of conferences, networking functions, and participating in charity events. These various events give us an opportunity to meet professionals and learn more about the fields our educational programs support and to…
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Author and CCU Graduate AimeeAnn Blythe
We received exciting news from one of our graduates! Author AimeeAnn Blythe is happy to announce the publication of her first short story in the new book – Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Christmas. Congratulations AimeeAnn!
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4 Simple Holiday Recipes From the CCU Kitchens
The staff brought in their favorite holiday treats to help spread the holiday spirit! With some of the biggest holidays right around the corner, we thought we would share some pictures of the tasty creations, along with recipes to accompany each. That way, our readers can enjoy them at home.
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