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7 Habits of Lucky People
In honor of World Smile Day, we are sharing the following Credit Today article with you and adding our personal #1 habit, which is… “Smile More!” In addition to just smiling more, here are six real-world habits that will increase your “luck.”
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Ways to Celebrate Healthcare Security and Safety Week
Healthcare Security and Safety Week is sponsored by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety. This year’s theme is “Fostering Safe Healthcare Environments.” Show your support and appreciation for Healthcare Security and Safety Officers by considering these options.
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Double Up on Your Degrees with CCU!
Med Champ, M.B.A. offers some interesting insights as a CCU graduate who returned to earn his M.B.A.
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How to Dig Yourself Out of Holiday Debt
Read ahead for some great strategies to recover from holiday debt.
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Five Resolutions to Make Now
Everyone is familiar with the concept of making New Year's resolutions. Even those who are opposed to the idea recognize its popularity as an end of the year attempt at changing and improving practices and behaviors of the past.
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Congratulations Class of 2016!
While the vast majority of our graduates have their diplomas sent via mail, it's always a unique opportunity to award a degree in person. Throughout 2016, 29 graduates came to California Coast University for their graduation ceremonies.
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