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Dr. Lori Kerlin, SPHR
Dr. Lori Kerlin, SPHR, is the founder of Progressive Development and recently earned the prestigious designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She graduated from the Doctor of Business Administration program in 2004 at California Coast University.
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Beverley Guntley-Brown, Ph.D.
Dr. Guntley-Brown graduated from the Doctor of Philosophy in Management program at California Coast University (CCU). After her graduation ceremony, she wrote to us to recognize our administrative staff and faculty and the support they were able to offer during her time in the program.
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David S. Snedeker
Read David S. Snedeker's reasons for choosing CCU and his experience with the university and who could benefit from CCU's unique approach to higher education.
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William Akuma, M.B.A.
One of the greatest privileges of an online school is our ability to serve a diverse student body in the pursuit of self-improvement. Read further for Mr. Akuma's inspiring story.
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