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Would you find it surprising that a third of all college students are 25 and older? While it's common in American culture for students to enroll in college in their late teens as full-time students, adults still make up a significant portion of the student population. There are many reasons one may not enroll in college right after high school, all of which are valid. However, since the opportunity to go back to school is always on the table, there is flexibility in deciding what kind of education you want and when to get it. If you've been thinking about going to school again or college for the first time, this article is for you. Exploring the nine reasons below may help you with your decision of wanting to apply to a program.


1. Career Growth

Many adults go back to school for better opportunities in their chosen field. Often, to progress past a certain point, you'll need to expand your education to open up more opportunities. This is true for specific job titles and salary thresholds.

Not to mention, the workforce is more competitive than ever, so your work experience isn't the only metric employers look at.

Some employers even directly tell their employees they need a specific degree or certificate to be eligible for promotions. If that's the case, you can see if your employer offers financial assistance to return to school, and if an accredited degree (such as one from California Coast University) will be accepted.

Whether you need to complete additional courses over the years to stay up-to-date or explore a master's degree will depend on your field and how far you want to advance. But it's no doubt that furthering your education will give you a competitive edge as you continue your career.

2. Sharpen Your Skills

If you've been working in an industry for a while, you may consider returning to school to sharpen your skills. As we evolve and grow, so do the industries we work in.

For instance, think about accountants. Tax laws constantly change, and accountants must stay current with the latest regulations. They'll put themselves out of business and maybe into legal trouble if they don't.

The need to stay up-to-date is necessary for many industries.

Enrolling in an online certificate program may help you gain more skills to be better at your current job. Not to mention, sharpening your skills may also make you a better candidate for career advancements in the future. Sharpening your skills is also a good idea if you feel stuck in your career. Instead of searching for the best career paths to switch to, acquiring new skills in your field may open up new possibilities that weren't available to you before. You may find your passion return!

3. Increase Your Earning Potential

As you can guess, adding more education to your resume may also increase your earning potential. This is because you become more valuable to employers with the skills and knowledge you gain.

Thus, consider enrolling in a degree program to earn more in your field. You may see significant changes in your salary if you have a master's versus a bachelor's degree.

For example, those with a bachelor's in business administration and management have an average starting salary of $54,392, while those with a master's have an average starting salary of $82,372.

Plenty of other fields see such discrepancies between starting salaries for those with a bachelor's versus a master's degree. Some include:

  • Communication and media studies
  • Communication disorder sciences
  • Education • International relations
  • Human resources • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Public health

If money is on your mind, explore which certificate or degree program would be best to increase your salary potential. Each industry is different, so you want to research education requirements and salaries specific to your industry before choosing a program.

4. Career Change

Another reason to consider going back to school is if you want to make a complete career change. Now, you don't necessarily need to go through another four-year bachelor's program to change careers. Some students decide to enroll into a master's degree program in a different field. But if you want, you can complete a bachelor's degree program instead.

You can often apply your undergraduate credits toward another program, even in a different field. However, you may need to take a few supplemental classes to prepare for your new program if the degrees are significantly different from each other. Perhaps you had more criminal justice courses and are now entering a program in business administration. You may have more core courses to complete than your previous degree program.

Of course, you can enter a bachelor's program at any age to change careers if you desire, whether you previously completed a degree or not.

5. Personal Achievement

Sometimes going back to school has nothing to do with finding a job. Instead, some adults go back to school just to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Setting goals significantly contributes to your happiness, so if you have a strong desire to finish a degree program or knock out a couple of certificates, you should go for it. It doesn't matter why you want to return to school. Accomplishing your dream will set you up for success regardless.

For those that find drive in constantly learning, there is nothing wrong with enrolling in a program to further your personal interests or push yourself to do something new.

6. Boost Your Confidence

Going back to school can be an excellent way to boost your confidence. When you learn new skills, you start feeling increased confidence in your abilities. A newfound sense of confidence can, of course, lead to increased happiness and satisfaction. But, it can also lead to better career opportunities.

For those seeking a challenge, enrolling in a program stimulates your brain in new ways provoking the desire to succeed. Nothing boosts your confidence like overcoming a challenge.

7. Set an Example

Some adults choose to go back to school to set a good example for their kids. If you never finished your degree or want to pursue a higher degree than what you currently have, you can show your kids that studying is fun at any age and hard work pays off.

Enrolling in a degree program is an excellent way to be a positive role model for your family and friends. Especially for kids who feel unmotivated in school, seeing a parent going to college can help them find a spark of passion and succeed.

However, don't go back to school just to be a good role model if it's not what you desire. But also, don't stop yourself from going back to school just because you have a family.

8. Unlimited Options

Entering an online educational program doesn't mean you have to drop everything in your life. There are limitless options available to accommodate every type of student.

If you're a busy parent who can only take night classes, live far away from a college campus, or can't afford to stop working, there's something for you.

You can find many degree and certificate programs that offer classes at convenient times for working adults and parents. In addition, online programs allow you to complete your entire program from the comfort of your home without ever visiting a campus. Programs with California Coast University (CCU) are self-paced and self-study. You can complete them anytime and anywhere!

For those that are worried about the financial aspect of enrolling in a program, CCU offers two interest-free monthly payment plan options with a $500 (Plan A) or $300 down payment (Plan B). The monthly fees would then be $150 and $175 respectively.

If you truly desire to return to school, you can find a program that suits your financial needs, lifestyle, and educational requirements.

9. It's Never Too Late

It's easy for adults to get stuck in a rut and feel like change is impossible. But going back to school is one of the things in life you can do at any age. It really is never too late. So if you want to do it, then go for it!

You always have time to reassess your life and explore new opportunities. Higher education is for anyone who wants it, so don't let your age, life circumstances, or anything else stand in your way.

Whether you're 25, 30, 40, or 70, if you want to return to school, do it!

Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

There are so many fantastic reasons to go back to school, some of which you've just read about. If you've been feeling like you want to return and further your education, there's no better time than the present.

To learn more about our online degree programs at California Coast University, request more information, and a representative will be in touch shortly.

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