7 Reasons to Include Yourself in Your Holiday Gift List and Start Pursuing Your Degree With CCU Now!

Picture of 7 Reasons to Include Yourself in Your Holiday Gift List and Start Pursuing Your Degree With CCU Now!
By Cynthia Dalton
The greatest gift that you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention. — Anthony J. D'Angelo

You’ve Thought About Everyone Else on Your Holiday Gift List, Now Be Good to Yourself

You've bought the perfect gifts for everyone on your gift list, but what about you? You need attention, too. It’s crucial that you give yourself the time and attention you need to set a course for your future — a future that will ultimately impact the future of everyone you care about most. It’s not a selfish act — it’s a smart move. And one of the best gifts you can give yourself is the decision to earn your degree.

7 Reasons to Start Your Degree With CCU Now

In addition to the obvious and general reasons people pursue a degree — more job opportunities, more money, and more job promotions. Here are 7 reasons why you should begin right away.

  1. Others will be getting their degrees, why not you? Don’t be left at the starting gate. We live in a highly competitive world in which you can ill-afford to allow others to gain an advantage over you.
  2. Your career is dependent on how well-equipped you are with the most relevant and timely knowledge. A degree from CCU will do just that.
  3. Learning is an enjoyable adventure in which you deepen and broaden your understanding of the work you do every day, in ways you might never have expected, starting the moment you begin your first course.
  4. Learning sharpens thinking, reasoning, and strategizing skills rapidly, making you more mentally agile and creative — abilities essential in today’s competitive job market.
  5. An increased sense of accomplishment gives you an unshakable self-confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude, both of which builds instant credibility with coworkers, customers, clients, and management alike.
  6. You will have 100% proof of your abilities as a motivated self-starter — something highly prized by HR departments universally.
  7. You trust your gut. If you’ve read this far, you know deep down that the time is now.

Here’s All You Have to Do to Begin Your Studies With CCU

It’s easy to get started. Visit the CCU Admissions page to apply now! For more information about the admissions process, please visit the CCU Admissions Process page.

There will always be excuses not to start right away, but if not now, when? Others may wait until after the holidays are over to begin thinking about getting their degree but what’s magical about starting your degree now, is that you can enter the New Year already ahead of the game.

What do you think?

  • What degree are you interested in earning?
  • Do you intend to earn your degree now?
  • What additional reasons for getting started on a degree right away might you suggest?

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