5 Reasons Why CCU Might Be the Best Fit for You

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the formation of our lives. It has affected everything we used to take for granted – schooling, trips to the grocery store, and even how we interact with our families. One of the most impactful consequences of this pandemic, however, is the effect it has had on the job market.

With many people losing their jobs, getting hours cut, or transitioning to a work-at-home option, many of us are feeling unsure of our next step. That is where California Coast University can help. Whether you are looking to advance your career in your same field of study, or you are looking for something different, our online programs can be just what you need to get out of your pandemic slump.

“I would tell all students that education is the cornerstone to success. As human beings we can only understand things to the capacity of our intellect, education, and experiences. Information broadens those horizons. Education helps our creative ability, gives us options, and helps us to make more informed decisions.” – Leroy Washington, CCU Alumni, MBA Business Management

Continue reading below for 5 reasons why CCU might just be the best fit for you.


1. Flexible Schedule and Self-Paced

Here at CCU, we understand that life can get busy and that going to a traditional, on-campus university is just not an option for some. This is why all of our programs are 100% online and designed to be flexible for your individual schedule. You can do your assignments on your time, with no set meeting times or deadlines. You will also be able to apply and start your studies any time during the year.

You can read more about why students choose to study at CCU here.

2. Wide Selection of Programs

California Coast University has a variety of fully-accredited online degree programs, from certificates to doctoral degrees, in a multitude of different fields of study. With degrees in fields like business administration, management, health care administration, marketing, criminal justice, psychology, and education, we can help you successfully reach your personal and professional goals.

If you wish to advance your career, or even get started in a new field, we might just have the program for you. You can find the full list of our online degree programs here.

3. Online Since the Start

COVID-19 has changed the way universities and colleges function everywhere. Without the option to meet in person, classes are moving to online platforms, and the adjustment has taken a toll on everyone – students, staff, and faculty alike.

California Coast University, on the other hand, has offered flexible, distance learning programs since we were founded in 1973. It’s even a part of our Mission, “to meet the needs of students whose geographic, professional, or personal time limitations kept them from completing their education in a traditional classroom setting.” [History and Mission]

Due to this, CCU did not experience the same learning curve other institutions were forced into in March of 2020. Instead, we continued seamlessly doing what we do best – providing the best education and support for our busy students.

4. Affordable

An important belief at California Coast University is that everyone deserves an affordable college education. This is precisely why we offer low-cost tuition rates as well as interest-free payment plans.

Note: CCU's tuition rates have since changed. Please refer to the Payment Plans and Tuition Rates page for the up-to-date information.

Tuition Cost By Unit

We also offer a 10% tuition discount for law enforcement officers and employees, firefighters and employees, U.S. government employees, previous CCU degree graduates, active-duty service members and veterans, and corporate partner employees. Learn if you are eligible for a tuition discount here.

5. Caring Staff and Faculty

While enrolled at California Coast University, you will have full access to your qualified Student Success Advisor. All of our advisors are invested in their student’s success and provide support through the entire program. You will have the support and encouragement of the staff here at CCU while you complete your degree.


Ready to take your education to the next level? Contact us today and we can help answer any questions you may have.

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