William Akuma, M.B.A.

By CCU Staff

“Coming to the USA was a dream come true, when I was growing up in the remote part of Kenya. I never knew that one day I would hold an MBA after my name. The day I arrived in Minneapolis in the middle of winter changed my life forever. The first school that welcomed me to the USA was Anoka-Hennepin technical college. After one year at Anoka, I decided to change colleges and I found DCTC (Dakota County Technical College). It was at DCTC that I found my direction, and received my AAS Degree. It was at DCTC where my story of success began, and it was at DCTC that gave me a reason to celebrate.

After getting my AAS degree from DCTC, I was sitting by my computer searching the Internet and I came across the CCU (California Coast University) web site. I was impressed with what I saw, and the next morning I called the admissions department of CCU. The first voice I heard was that of Cyndi Nash. She was very nice and explained to me about the university, what I needed to register, and how to go about it. It took me a week of contemplating what to do. On Friday, I called the university and to my surprise Cyndi answered the phone, again. I was actually calling to tell her that I was not ready to start school at that moment, when she planted a seed of hope and success in my heart. After talking to her, I changed my mind and instead of saying that I was not ready, I actually agreed to register.

My journey with CCU has been on ever since. Instead of despair, CCU has given me hope. CCU has actually made me say that I am educated."

It is because of CCU that I have my Bachelor’s degree.
It is because of CCU that I am now called 'MR. MBA.'
It is because of CCU that a lot of companies have started recognizing me.

"Because of the first-class education I earned from CCU, I am able to compete in the corporate market and been able to do very well in my job. It because of CCU I have started climbing the corporate ladder.

Education is not the only good thing that I have earned from CCU. Throughout the years, I have been humbled to know that staff members make a difference. It is on that notion that I cannot forget all the staff members of CCU for showing the best service. You are the reason I finished my degrees. You are the reason that I will come back and finish my DBA – if you offer one.

Before I go, I cannot forget to thank you for the red carpet reception you accorded me when I came for my graduation. It was nice to meet the good people at CCU. You have given me a reason to do well and to encourage others to succeed. My Academic Nobel Prize goes to Cyndi Nash, Reina, and the entire Crew of CCU."

"Thanks, you Rock!!! GUNG HO………”

William Akuma, M.B.A.

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