Letter from the President - Coastline E-Newsletter Jan. 2019

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Letter from the President - Coastline E-Newsletter Jan. 2019

Click here to read the January 2019 Coastline Newsletter

Dear Alumni, Students, Prospective Students:

Happy New Year and welcome to Coastline - California Coast University's online news!

For our inaugural 2019 issue, we are featuring a variety of articles on goal setting, overcoming procrastination, how your mood affects your productivity, and how a certificate might help your professional future. In addition, we are welcoming new members to the CCU family and catching you up on some of our activities during the past year. It’s been a busy time at the University with record number of enrollments this past year, increasing numbers of students reaching their educational goals, our on-going accreditation activities, and a new and expanded student portal system that will be launched this year.  

This new year, 2019, will mark our 46th anniversary since our founding in 1973. Throughout the years, we have prided ourselves on offering busy working adults an alternative educational path to traditional brick and mortar colleges and universities. The field of education has evolved, continuing to change by the day. Communication is 24/7 with unlimited access to more information than has ever existed before. For this, educational institutions must meet the demands of an everchanging market. California Coast University is up for that challenge. With programs that are 100% online, dedicated faculty and staff, and up-to-date courses, we are excited about the opportunities this new year brings.

In closing, let’s all make 2019 the best year yet. To learn more about CCU, visit our website and check back for regular updates and information on alumni, students and the changing face of higher education. To share some of your educational journey, or if you have a question or comment, please email our Coastline editor at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you and keeping you updated through Coastline – CCU’s online news.

Click here to read the January 2019 Coastline e-newsletter.


Thomas M. Neal
Thomas M. Neal
California Coast University

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