5 Benefits of Obtaining a Doctorate in Education

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5 Benefits of Obtaining a Doctorate in Education

Only 7% of the United States population has a doctorate. Of that population, only 6% received a doctorate in education.

If you're wondering if you should be a part of that 7% and further your education, this is your sign! Continue reading the following five reasons why obtaining a doctorate is a good idea.

What Is a Doctorate in Education?

A doctorate will give you extensive knowledge in the field of education or another field that you choose to pursue. Receiving a doctorate in education will teach you how to solve more technical issues, work and collaborate with other professionals, and learn in real-time.

Most education courses are taught in a real educational setting. This will give you the experience you will need once you go into the real, working world. You will be working hands-on solving issues in the field and learning how to navigate policies, problems, and trends.

The education courses are meant to hone undergraduate skills and attitudes about education. You will be taught how to create a change when you notice a problem. The teaching methods in professional degree courses allow you to work tediously to shape reform, policies, and technology in the education world.

You may be hesitant due to the cost and time associated with earning a doctorate. However, more and more colleges and universities are making doctorate programs more affordable. Especially with the new trend of online degrees, you will save money on room and board and other costs associated with commuting to school.

Earning a doctorate degree will open up your world to many opportunities while doing something you love.

1. You Will Have More Opportunities 

Earning any type of degree will give you more opportunities. Yet, earning a doctorate in education gives you an easy ladder to climb up. Since not many people decide to get a higher degree, you will be setting yourself apart from others who apply to similar positions.

If you are looking to get a promotion in the education field, earning a doctorate is the way to go. If you want to leave the field of education, but still want to move up, a doctorate in education will still help you!

More Job Opportunities

Some organizations and companies are looking for professionals that have doctorates in education, as it represents a longer time of learning. Holding this doctorate will show potential employers that not only were you in school for longer, but you also have the skills necessary for the job.

After receiving a doctorate, employers will recognize that you have more research and writing skills than most potential employees. This will set you apart for higher positions.

Although many positions in the education field may require a doctorate, like becoming a professor, many positions state they would prefer you to have the title, but it is not required.

Many opportunities and positions admire individuals who have obtained more education than is necessary. Having a doctorate title will most likely move you to the top of the hiring list, even if it is not a degree in that specific field.

Continuing in academia has its benefits when it comes to landing a job that you love and that pays well.

Higher Salaries

Salaries differ based on region, job position, title, and more. This is true for individuals will all types of degrees,

Although that's the case, obtaining a doctorate degree will most likely give you access to a higher salary and more pay. On average, earning a professional degree will boost your salary by 25%.

2. You Will Spend Time Studying in a Field You Love

No one wants to be stuck in a job that they hate for their entire lives. You won't have this issue if you get a professional degree. Once you graduate, you can fulfill your desires and do something you love on a daily basis.

Graduating from a doctorate program is a life accomplishment to be proud of. On its own, obtaining a degree is something to be proud of. Yet, living a life that you love day in and day out is even more exciting.

You will have the opportunity to work in a position that you are passionate about.

Do you love the classroom? You can make a positive impact in many classrooms by choosing to become a superintendent, professor, or policymaker. You can be in multiple classrooms per day observing problems to create solutions.

Are you passionate about making a positive impact in a community? You can join the local, regional, or state government to create new policies to make a change. If you are passionate about researching, you can research new trends that will impact the world of education.

There is no limit to what you can achieve once you get the highest degree possible.

3. You Will Develop More Critical Skills

There is no better way to develop more critical skills than to further your knowledge in academia. Obtaining a degree in education will teach you how to use research-based methods to solve problems and make changes.

Because you have to defend your dissertation in the field, you will be bringing new ideas to the table and innovating trends in education. The in-depth research will increase your writing and research skills while keeping you up to date with trends in the field of education.

Putting together your dissertation will also benefit your communication and critical thinking skills. You will have to consistently present to others on more complicated topics. These skills are necessary to have as a leader in a community and will prepare you to be successful in your field.

Not only does the dissertation help you develop skills, but the program itself will improve your understanding of the field. As technology evolves, we need to change with it. Studying the field of education and technology together will keep innovation in the field moving forward.

While earning your doctorate, you will learn collaboration skills, how to analyze data for better results, analyze issues and solve them, and how to communicate effectively.  

4. You Will Gain Respect and Credibility

It's no secret that education can transform individuals, communities, and nations. Continuing your education will allow you to be a leader in the field. When someone sees your title, they know you worked for it.

Your credibility increases because people around you know that you are knowledgeable about specific subjects and have researched them for many years. Your knowledge base allows you to lead organizations and communities not only because of the skills you learned in the program but also because of the pre-existing information you know that others don't.

Because you will have more credibility and respect, you will also have more opportunities to create change and work in a position that is fulfilling.

5. You Will Achieve Your Goals

Obtaining a degree of any kind is a feat within itself. But obtaining a doctorate is even more prestigious. If you take it one step further, getting a doctorate of education brings with it its own prestige.

To obtain a doctorate in education, you have to successfully defend a dissertation at the end of your program. Because this is a time-consuming and difficult task, you will immediately feel a sense of pride upon completion of it. Even more so, you will be set apart from others in the field of education because you have immersed yourself in academia longer than others.

With more years in academia, comes more knowledge. With that knowledge, comes leadership and the power to make an impact in the education world. Gaining a doctorate gets you one step closer to achieving your dreams and goals.

Things to Consider When Earning a Doctorate

Before you choose what you want to do, you need to go through your commitments and understand the time you will spend working toward your degree each day. If you have other commitments, this will impact the schedule you will need to make or push you to consider online courses.

  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Previous commitments
  • Courses
  • Location or location independence with online degree programs
  • Potential jobs after graduation

Obtaining a Doctorate in Education

Did we convince you to get a doctorate in education? If yes, you are ready to apply to programs!

At California Coast University, our accredited university offers affordable tuition. We also have 100% of our courses online and offer flexible scheduling.

With our program, getting a doctorate has never been easier! Apply today to start working toward your dreams and obtaining your goals!

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