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Message from the Academic Vice President:

"On behalf of the faculty and staff of California Coast University, I wish to welcome you. You have made an excellent choice for continuing your education and choosing an educational institution that will help you meet your goals. 
At California Coast University, we created our programs to support the learning of busy professionals seeking to deepen and to broaden their knowledge and skills; and to help our students meet both professional and personal goals.  We look forward to helping you find success on your educational journey!"  
Patricia Insley, Ed.D.,
Academic Vice President



About California Coast University

California Coast University was founded in 1973 to meet the needs of professional men and women from all areas of business, industry, and education whose geographic, professional, or personal time limitations kept them from completing their education. Originally, the University’s goal was to offer distance learning undergraduate and graduate degree programs to working adults who were looking for a realistic method for completing their education without returning to the traditional classroom setting.  That continues to be our goal today, as we support new generations of students to reach their educational goals.


California Coast University’s mission is to offer quality distance learning and online undergraduate and graduate degree programs to self-directed, mid-career adults, utilizing a combination of distance learning and correspondence methodologies. California Coast University is committed to meeting the needs of qualified, highly motivated, independent students whose geographic, professional or personal time constraints keep them from completing their education in traditional, on-campus education programs.

California Coast University offers challenging curriculum and allows students to integrate their professional and life experience with the academic content required by their discipline. Degree programs are completed through independent, self-paced study under faculty supervision, without requiring classroom attendance.

The University is committed to operate ethically and professionally, with academic integrity and respect for the individual. CCU will cultivate in our students and graduates the same intellectual, analytical and critical abilities encouraged by other institutions of higher learning; and will build students’ competencies in areas critical to their success in today’s ever changing environment.


In developing and evaluating programs of study, the University seeks to continually improve its existing nontraditional programs. To ensure ongoing program excellence, responsibilities are shared between qualified faculty and administrative staff.

All degree programs at California Coast University share the following common goals:

  • To enable students to acquire a body of knowledge in a specific discipline.
  • To think critically.
  • To improve student abilities to make significant contributions to the missions of their employers.
  • To use student knowledge to improve the functioning of the communities in which they live and work.
  • To enhance student personal satisfaction.
  • To improve a student’s level of confidence and self-esteem through the accomplishment of long term academic goals.
  • To provide a pathway for students to continue the pursuit of additional life-long learning experiences.

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