2014 Graduate Survey Results

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Message from the Academic Vice President:

"On behalf of the faculty and staff of California Coast University, I wish to welcome you. You have made an excellent choice for continuing your education and choosing an educational institution that will help you meet your goals. 
At California Coast University, we created our programs to support the learning of busy professionals seeking to deepen and to broaden their knowledge and skills; and to help our students meet both professional and personal goals.  We look forward to helping you find success on your educational journey!"  
Patricia Insley, Ed.D.,
Academic Vice President



2014 Graduate Survey Results

California Coast University is committed to continually improving the academic success of our students and the overall satisfaction with their educational experience. To help us gather the information we need to improve our programs, we ask our students and graduates to complete a variety of surveys – satisfaction, course, program and graduate surveys.

For the Graduate Survey, our graduates are asked to provide feedback, two to two years after graduation, on the value of their educational programs and on their experiences at California Coast University.  Some of the questions we ask are:

  • What was your age when you enrolled at CCU?
  • What is the most recent degree you've earned from CCU?
  • How long did it take for you to complete your most recent degree program?
  • What was your major at CCU?
  • How many years of occupational experience relative to your degree program did you have when you enrolled at CCU?
  • In what field or industry are you employed?
  • What was your salary range prior to the completion of your degree at CCU?
  • Has your degree from CCU been recognized by your employer for a pay increase and/or promotion?
  • Did your employer pay for, sponsor or reimburse you for any portion of your tuition?
  • How would you rate the overallassistance you received from CCU during your program?
  • How do you view the value of your degree from CCU?
  • Did you achieve the goals you had when you started your program at CCU?
  • Would you recommend CCU to a friend?
  • All things considered, were you satisfied with your studies?

Students that would like to view more information are encouraged to view the PDF version of the 2014 Graduate Survey Results

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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